Month: May 2019

  • Physique du role

    Prelim I think we all need a break from the over-saturated self-referential thing we’re rocking. To this end I want to build out of this music video. (The tradeoff is that you won’t get where we’re going without watching it first.) I. The music of Crystal Castles appears to convey at once two polarizing scenarios. […]

  • Hell and Eternal Damnation

    I. Does the theory of general axiology have axiological implications? In the generic sense we have sketched an eschatology (the “switcharoo”) out of a pedagogical scenario of what “getting to general axiology” look like. This pedagogy was illustrated with delirant heavenlike visions meant to convey both its infinite worthwhileness and its boundless cost — a valuation of […]

  • Dungeons’n dingos

    To function at critical velocity, theory has to constantly flirt with a boundary between abstract giddiness and florid nonsense; the bad news is that unlike the asemic horizon it’s perfectly possible to unwittingly cross this boundary. This possibility is perfect because it is minimal: the smallest of indulgences can lead to this radical error. Far […]