Month: July 2019

  • Unapology


    Being it that I’m not a being of pure mind it’s not in my Being to be the being that always asks questions. Being it that I’m not a being of pure doubt it’s not in the Being of my being to regret my toes and my soles and elbows and the knots in my […]

  • Compression sickness

    Compression sickness

    I.  The flash-fad for Greg Bateson (already subsiding) made me do it. It wasn’t all bad — going there (feedback loops; cybernetics; systems theory; macroprudentiary regulation!) indeed points to hard consequences of our own complication of time in (chronos/tempo/kairos). But the unplanned rhetorical development led to this wallop of a paragraph in our last essay: Failure to […]

  • Failure to thrive

    Failure to thrive

    I. Three surprisingly high level topics have popped up in my internet watering holes. This not being a scholarly effort (not to mention the cost of collating randomly-placed things that show up in my komórka), so there aren’t actual references. They’re in the “microzeitgeist”; you’re probably exposed to them as much as me. First, there was […]