Month: November 2019

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    No theory this time; instead some impressive artwork by American Painter Mary Coleman. Atrophy (2019), acrylic on canvas I’m very cavalier about randomly appropriating images for the internet since they’re not at all integral to the purposes of the blog (indeed they’re mostly Twitter clickbait) and since I always expect very low flows of traffic. […]

  • Versions 2: Non nobis solum

    Versions 2: Non nobis solum

    (or: how to check your privilege in the mirror stage) I. (This post starts as a polemic against its direct antecedent, Versions I: Yngwiepocalypse, which is shorter than our usual content and light on technical prerequisites. You should skim it at least). The core technical component of the “Yngwie thesis” was the dereference operator. Had the “Yngwie” thesis […]

  • Versions I: Yngwiepocalypse

    1. The “Yngwie thesis” claims that the agitating element that dominates the dynamics of the crisis is de-signification. We do nothing to establish the validity of such a thesis here; we merely explore its potential ramifications. (Big if true, as the meme says…) (The thesis does not, furthermore, establish the existence of a crisis. One of its distinguishing marks […]