Month: September 2021

  • Bill of goods

    This is what asemic horizon presents itself to be in its asema chromata phase: 1. A claim and a stake on theory as an activity and a conceptual mode of world-disclosure that’s autonomous from empirics, praxis or general philosophical considerations: this is summarized in the infinite regress of theory is the theory of the theory […]

  • Yeah

    I try to do this on Telegram before and even got about 30-40 users, but the ergonomics was all wrong: it was a broadcasting channel with comments, and the app becomes really confusing when you have too many groups anyway. Ima invite people to hang out on Discord here: — since I never have […]

  • Aquarela do Brasil

    Have news of Bolsonaro´s latest would-be authoritarian twitchings come to the international press yet? In my reluctant capacity as a reporter from the trenches, I have to be clear about this: that´s not an Erdogan or Duda on the rise, that´s a case of political Tourette´s. There are proximal causes in the Revolutionary Guard´s increasing […]