Month: January 2022

  • Ezra, Huaso and St. Dennis (I, II)

    Ezra, Huaso and St. Dennis (I, II)

    I. Parenthood my well be the ultimate political marker and, in due time, the ultimate revolutionary act. If this isn’t a banal assertion — to the point that making it is wasteful — that’s because pharmaceutical birth control is rather recent in the grand scheme of things: at most two generations back from you. This […]

  • Plures disparibum

    Plures disparibum

    Theory* is perhaps best conceptualized as a laboratory terrarium. The concepts of theory are really fully expressed (fully engaged in the world) not as ideas, but as mind-worms. Like in the old Tales of the Crypt scenario, they enter the subject’s brain through the ear. The ear becomes open to theory because it is already […]