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No theory this time; instead some impressive artwork by American Painter Mary Coleman.

atrophy-2Atrophy (2019), acrylic on canvas

I’m very cavalier about randomly appropriating images for the internet since they’re not at all integral to the purposes of the blog (indeed they’re mostly Twitter clickbait) and since I always expect very low flows of traffic. Because Coleman is a good artist that’s not well-known, this hard-and-fast breaking of rules may not apply, and she might ask me to remove these images from here. Ask away, painter.



Radiation (2011), acrylic on wood

At any rate, there’s much more of this stuff where it comes from.

It would be interesting to write a short essay comparing Coleman’s stuff to my favorite figurative painter Jaeyeol Han. But I have a fun Saturday ahead of me, so I can’t invest the time right now.

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